It never ceases to amaze me how many clients are prepared to write off outstanding invoices rather than spend their time putting them on MoneyClaim online or paying a solicitor to issue proceedings. 

Yet another one this week for just short of £2000.

My feelings are that if you are genuinely owed money for goods or services then never write it off until you have exhausted every avenue for payment.

I always recommend clients with debts under £5,000 to use Money Claim online. It’s a relatively simple process and cheaper than instructing a solicitor. Several of our clients have successfully used Money Claim online and got judgment for their debt.  But a word of warning if your debt is over £600 then you are well advised to Transfer up the judgment to the High Court for enforcement. It is relatively inexpensive to do this currently I believe the court fee is £60 and there will be a fee for a High Court Enforcement Officer to execute the writ.  These are the guys you see on the TV programmes.  They are generally more effective than the county court bailiffs.

We are here if you need any help - but remember good credit control is key and most often you get an early warning that there may be a payment problem. That is when to act and hopefully resolve the problem with a client rather than go to law.