Premier League clubs owe £1.3million in unpaid invoices

Creditsafe’s Prompt Payment Premier League, has revealed English Premier League Clubs have overdue invoices totalling £1.3million and 20% are late by 20 days or more beyond the agreed payment terms.

Manchester United who place 19th in the Prompt Payment Premier League have 63 outstanding invoices totalling £857,183, making up 66% of the total value of outstanding invoices owed by all Premier League clubs.



It never ceases to amaze me how many clients are prepared to write off outstanding invoices rather than spend their time putting them on MoneyClaim online or paying a solicitor to issue proceedings. 

Yet another one this week for just short of £2000.

Like snow in spring …..their promises disappear as fast as they fall….

A somewhat poetic response to a very frustrating issue and an actual comment made to me by a client this week regarding yet another un-kept payment promise.

Introduce breathing space to help turn more companies around, says R3

We fully endorse this recommendation from R3 to help struggling companies. 

Struggling companies should be given up to six weeks free from creditor pressure to plan a recovery or rescue, says insolvency trade body R3.

China’s financial problem could hit UK SME’s

With the ever deepening economic crisis in China I suspect UK banks will be badly hit and will probably respond by yet again tightening their lending criteria with SMEs.

Credit boost

Trade credit providers to share Data a boost to SMEs raising credit

Data sharing rules will be changing to allow data sharing which should make more trade credit available to SMEs.  Credit limits are expected to rise by a total of £2.4 billion.

Improving economy not good for everybody

Improving economy not good for everybody

All signs this week see the economy improving with a return to positive inflation figure and the volume of companies that entered administration during the first quarter of 2015 has fallen to around 432, a decline year-on-year of 16.9%

Everything on hold until after the election

The good feel factor of our improving economy is currently on hold.  As both businesses and banks are holding back on decisions until after the election. Politicians have little grasp of how disruptive elections are to businesses and their plans.

Family Business Funding

There has been much written recently about whether family businesses could take on more debt to aid their growth, as the economic climate improves and the cost of borrowing is historically low. The key issue for most family businesses is to maintain control.

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