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We are the collections agency that specialises in fast, effective and customer-orientated credit- control and debt recovery.

We do only one thing, and do it very well – payment chasing. We have chosen not to dilute our offering with any other services, which has allowed us to concentrate entirely on optimising our service. Over the past ten years, we’ve never stopped learning and optimising – today, we lead the way in ensuring customers pay on time, and further, are happy to do so.

We offer high-performance solutions which blend customer service expertise with the persuasive persistence of collectors to enhance collections performance and strengthen customer relationships.

Our clients know they can rely on us to help them collect more of what they are owed, more efficiently, and our highly-trained, experienced, and multi-lingual team know what it takes to deliver.

Our attitude is that there’s only one thing better than a customer paying on time...and that’s a customer happy to pay on time. 


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